Advanced Navigation Course

This one day advanced navigation course is a follow on course from the basic navigation (although you don’t have to have done our basic course to sign up for it). Here we will look more at navigation off of paths using less obvious features and practicing how we would navigate in poor visibility. It is designed for anyone wanting to be able to get their way around the mountains without having to stick to the obvious route. The course will cover the following:
  • Planning a route
  • Using different maps
  • Identifying contours and features on the ground and map
  • Using a compass
  • Taking and following a bearing
  • Pacing and timing
  • Navigating on featureless terrain
  • Re-location
Locations We offer all of our navigation courses anywhere in Cumbria and The Lake District to suit you. Dates We offer all our navigation courses privately on a date to suit you. Price 1 x person £150, 2 x people £75 each, 3 x people £50 each, groups of 4 or more £40 each. How to Book Please just contact us to with details of your date, desired location and group size. Alternatively, see our Basic Navigation Course.