We are currently in the process of writing a collection of articles that will hopefully prove useful, not only to our customers but also other general internet users. Please feel free to have a look through them and if you have any suggestions of any other articles you would like to see do let us know and we may be able to write one for you. All these articles are written by Thistle Trekking Staff with a wealth of knowledge and experience in working in the outdoor industry.

West Highland Way Pocket Guide.

This mini guide has been written for anyone walking The West Highland Way. Over the years I have gathered a lot of local knowledge while walking…

How to Take a Bearing Using a Map and Compass.

When it comes to navigation most people learn how to take a bearing quite early on. It is a simple but effective navigational tool…

Training for The West Highland Way.

We often get asked what is the best way to train for a West Highland Way Trek? Now, this will of course depend on your own own personal fitness and…

How to Survive the Midge!

Since I spend nearly every day in the summer outside in the beautiful Scottish Highlands, I have had more than my fair share of midge bites! However, over the years I have found some of the best ways…

Top Ten Tips for The West Highland Way

There is a very good chance that Scarlet has guided more West Highland Way walks than anyone else in the UK, she guides it about 6 times a year. Below are her top 10 tips for a happy…

Walking Boots

Troubled Soles – Foot Blisters and What to Do About Them

A foot blister is a pocket of serum that develops over small tears in the layers of skin that cover our feet. Eventually the fluid is reabsorbed by new skin and the blister disappears. Despite being

Next Month’s Article….Lyme Disease by John King

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